CRM elements

It's been 51 years since the "Phabulous Phantom" first took to the air on May 27, 1958. The F-4 Phantom II aircraft, which still flies in defense of 8 nations, was retired in 1996 from U.S. military forces, ending a record 38-year career. There were a total of 505 RF-4Cs built by McDonnell Douglas of the 5000 total F-4s produced.


Phantom II Spook

rf4 headon

Head-on view of RF-4C Phantom II

rf4 al ang

160th TRS Alabama ANG

rf4 zwei

17th TRS, 26th TRW, Zweibruecken AB, Germany

rf4 osan

15th TRS, 18th TFW at Osan AB, Korea

f4 sunset

Fading into the sunset... rapidly with full afterburner!